Giving Hospitality Clients the Best Textile!

Whether your clients are hotel chains, cruise lines, independent resorts or property management companies, you understand that your clients come to you to get the very best textile for their guests.

When you choose Royal-Linen Textile, that is what you get.

We are committed to crafting luxurious textiles that transform into pillowcases, bedsheets and duvet covers that exceed guests’ expectations, creating a new standard for a good nights sleep.

Royal-Linen Textile is a worldwide leader in home textile innovation providing cutting edge quality and service.

Today, Royal-Linen  creates high quality home textile goods for hundreds of leading companies. Our end to end service includes product development, fabric selection, dyeing, finishing, packaging, logistics and more.. Our products meet international standards for organic textiles and use environmentally friendly chemicals and dyes, ensuring sustainability and social corporate

A difference you can feel.

We use the latest innovation in bedding manufacturing to create luxuriously soft ultra fine fabrics that stand the test of time, so your guests feel the same finesss year after year.

Our mission is to transform the bedding industry by providing consistent quality and service. We do that by going the extra mile for every partner until they receive the bedding solution of their dreams.